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I have a book launch coming soon! Becoming a Seeker will launch this year! To find out more please feel free to visit . There will be an additional online course offering as well on Breaking the Habit of Self-doubt and Building Confidence!  You can pre-enroll here!

Here are some testimonials from a few of my clients:

“We worked with Patricia Alley for the past year, with a goal to stand up our very first business, Bliss Energy Alchemy, LLC! There have been many benefits to working with Patricia to start and build our practice; We would like to point out three. First, Patricia has taught us a tremendous amount about networking and marketing our practice. In my book she is an “expert” in these areas; not only does she continually educate herself about current trends and strategies, she has a unique ability to apply such information to the specifics of our business in the moment and to communicate them to us in an understandable way that we could immediately apply to our business. Secondly, Patricia is a very good guide in goal setting and accountability, including creating strategic plans to achieve such goals, and measuring progress. Thirdly, Patricia provided crucial guidance for us on the business side of our practice; she guided us in understanding the metrics that informed us if our practice was reaching the financial and administrative goals that we set for ourselves, and what adjustments and changes we might want to make to attain future business and financial goals. Maybe most importantly, the result of our work with Patricia is that we have grown in confidence and we are enjoying it, and it is growing in the ways that we have always wanted. With Patricia’s talent and kind heart, she has never stirred us wrong. Thank you, Patricia for all your support!”

                     -Testimonial Jay and Krista from Bliss Energy Alchemy 

“I'm so glad I've worked with Patricia! She is one of the best that I've ever worked with. Her style is a different from what I've done before; instead of listening to my problems and telling me what to do, she asks me questions to help me figure out solutions, and the answers is that I come up with are my own. Her technique makes me feel empowered, like I can do anything. Because of her coaching, I'm now saving money, eating healthier, and working out more. I'd recommend her to anyone!”

                   -Joy Thompson

“Patricia Alley is an exceptional coach! She patiently listens and offers solid and thoughtful advice to point her clients in the right direction. Never having worked with a coach before, I wasn't sure what to anticipate- Patricia has influenced me well above and beyond my wildest expectations to shape my life into something more balanced and in line with what I really want. She confidently raises the bar on your perception of your own potential and gracefully pushes you towards accomplishing your goals. She is smart, driven, and compassionate. I would highly recommend working with Patricia!”

                   -Taylor Fraser

What is coaching, and how can it help me?

 Tiger Woods is among a group of elites who are considered some of the most successful golfers of all time. And yet, throughout his career he has had four swing coaches. Why is it that Michael Phelps trained under Bob Bowman as his swim coach since age eleven? Simply put: coaches help you achieve more significant results than you can on your own. Personal coaching, mentoring, lifestyle, business, and professional coaching is similar to the kind of coaching you would see working for these two great athletes. The main difference is that the type of accountability and action that is required doesn't take place on the golf course or an Olympic sized pool. It may take place one on one or in a group setting. 

Life coaching can help  you.

    The best kind of coaching that happens is when you know that person "gets" you and where you are trying to go. 

This isn't for select few, and it is worth it. Have you read some great self-help books lately? The kind of books that have opened your eyes to something you didn't know was possible for you? Imagine if you had that experience with a coach in your corner asking you the hard questions and helping to hold the light up for you as you determine what is in your way. What is it that prevents you from taking the kind of actions that will advance your career and, or get you to the next level of success in your life or relationships? Why can't you read the self-help book and then apply it and be done? Because there are perhaps excuses, a limited mindset, or circumstances in your way that you feel are cramping your abilities to move forward. 


Let's bust through all of that and more together. 


Coaching is…

Coaching is experiential and collaborative. Coaching is supportive, motivating, and intuitive. Coaching is about asking the tough questions to help you arrive at your answers. Coaching is facilitating change and interacting with limiting beliefs that you may have. It will be challenging, and you will be motivated while receiving accountability in a caring way. Coaching is about inspiration as well as helping you uncover, discover, and discard what is holding you back. It's more solution and action based than other avenues of finding help. Status quo may be okay for some people, but is it okay for you? Do you have a finite amount of potential? Maybe you didn't start at eleven years old like Michael Phelps did when he started swimming, but it's not too late for you to start now. 

Life Coach, Speaker, and Author

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